Jennifer - AMAZING!!!!             

"I am the ABSOLUTE Biggest baby ever at the dentist...this was my first visit there, recommended to me by a dear friend. The staff welcomed me in, Dr. Doughty explained everything to me in words I could understand and made me feel so comfortable. I ended up having a root canal today and didn't feel a single solitary thing!!! Words cannot describe how grateful I am to not only have my toothache gone, but to actually feel just fine after!!! Also, I could tell, even from this first visit, that Dr. Doughty is very conservative in his treatments. You can tell he cares about his patients and isn't there to overcharge and make tons of money. He is there for the shear love of the dental work. They also see children, so my 2 children and I, will be their new patients....HAPPILY!!!! and I have never used the word happy in the same sentence with dentist LOL, but now time I CAN!!! Thank you Dr. Doughty and your entire awesome team!!! See you next week for my crown! Jen :)"

Allison - They are like my second family! Best dentist office! :)

"I went into Dr. Doughty's office with a horrible fear of the dentist and 15 years worth of dental issues. I felt at ease the moment I spoke to the receptionist to make my appointment throughout all of my appointments. Dr. Doughty and literately all of their staff is amazing and I'm so glad that I found them! It's a weird feeling, looking forward to going to the dentist, but they have become like a second family this last year. I would highly recommend! :)"

Michael - Professional

"This visit came as a follow-up to some root canal work done in the fall. At the time there was and is no guarantee that the root canal work would save the affected teeth; in fact, the endodontist flat out stated one tooth could not be saved and would have to be extracted. Today's visit with Dr. Doughty was to review that work and to determine a course of action. The options were discussed in great detail without any effort to influence my decision. There is no doubt who will make the health care call here, a fact which I appreciate. Dr. Doughty spent significant time to outline in layman's terms the different procedures that exist, the costs, and, as best he could, the likely outcomes given my dental history. After I made a decision, the actual dentistry began, consisting of two temporary crowns and an extraction. A long day! My family and I have been with Dr. Doughty since he took over this practice. We feel that we are in good, professional hands. He's pleasant-mannered and professional. No secrets; no surprises."

Doreen - Very professional

"Dr. Doughty is very professional and friendly as is his staff. No matter how nervous one is he will put you at ease right away. There are several dentist offices in my area (Goose Creek) but Dr. Doughty is so nice I prefer to travel to his office across the Ashley for my dental needs."

Christina - Love our Dentist

"Dr. Doughty and Crissey are awesome. My 4 year old daughter enjoys coming to the dentist with me to have her teeth cleaned. It is a pain free and most importantly tear free occasion. Thanks for being great!"

Smith - Dr. Doughty does an excellent job

"Dr. Paul Doughty does an excellent job and is a skilled dentist. When he took over for Dr. Robert Morrow, it was a seamless transition. He is thoughtful in his diagnosis and does not push for unnecessary procedures, just what he recommends to keep our teeth and gums healthy."

Michael - No one wants to rush back to the dentist but...

"...if one has to go back, and I do, one cannot be in better hands. He's very, very good. Most important, he keeps the patient informed so the patient can make the decisions-e.g., one can do an implant, bridge or leave a space empty. At a certain age, even leaving a space is an option or if the missing tooth is in the right place. As a patient, I think having these choices and discussing them is great."

Brooke - Awesome

"Dr Doughty's experience and time he takes with his patients is second to none. Angela is also great. I would reccomend him to anyone!! I believe God lead me to his office."

Matt - Outstanding Dental Experience

"I could not be happier with my experience in Dr. Doughty's office. The staff and hygienist are very friendly and knowledgeable. If you are looking for a great dentist in the Charleston area, you can't beat the level of care that you will receive!"

Stephanie - Excellent family doctor

"The dental hygienist and Dr. Paul were very patient with my son, 6 yrs. old. They were very gentle and fun. Great experience!"

Sandra - Friendly Service

"Enjoy going to Dr. Doughty, he is a very knowledgeable & competent Dentist, he will give you his professional opinion and not try to talk you into getting dental work done if it isn't necessary. He is down to earth and I have the utmost confidence and trust in his professional abilities. He cares about his patients and doesn't make you feel like you are a number. The staff is very friendly and warm too."

Andrew - First Class

"Paul and his staff have always been very friendly and professional. They take tremendous care of their patients, and I would recommend their office to anyone for their dental care needs."

Henry - Best Dentist & Staff in Town

"Dr Paul & Crissy do a great job, are thorough, relaxing and painless. I'm a patient for life. Thx Dr Paul."

Pam - Thank You!

"Thank you for my pretty teeth and nice smile.  Thank you doesn't sound good enough.  It has made a big difference in my life.  I never thought my teeth could look this good again.  It was worth every penny.  Tell Angela thanks for her part.  I still think it's too bad we couldn't over-charge my husband and split it three ways!"


"I just wanted to thank you for being such a nice and professional dentist and for going beyond your purview to help me with my cheilitis.  It has cleared up, and you are the only physician who has sufficiently helped me.  And you fixed my jaw popping, too.  You are a genuinely nice guy and you explain things well.  You are the best dentist I've ever had.  Please tell Jen she's great too!"