Treatment Philosophy

We offer a wide variety of services.  Our goal in service is to provide predictable dental work that is built with the intention of lasting a life time.  We provide what is called "evidence based" dentistry meaning what we do has been backed by long-term evidence of it's success through creditable research.  We wait when new materials and techniques come into the dental market to see their long-term success rates before implementing them into practice.

Dr. Doughty is a resident trained dentist.  What does that mean for you?  Many times it is not necessary for our patients to be inconveniently referred around town for different procedures (for example, many root canals, extractions and surgical implant placements can be done in office) because of his advanced formal training in residency.  We do, however, recognize that there are times where specialty care is needed and  a team approach is appropriate for optimum treatment for the patient.  In these cases, we work with several skilled, highly compassionate specialists in the greater Charleston area who hold similar philosophies of our practice and have our patient's best interest in mind.

We look at the overall picture of your oral health and strive not to fall into "tunnel vision" with one particular tooth.  Education and prevention is paramount in our practice.  In the event that dental problems are present it is imperative that the source of the problem is addressed in a understandable way for the patient so we can work together to prevent recurring problems in the future. 

When more substantial work is necessary, we are very thorough on the front end.  Often times molds of your teeth are made and placed on a jaw simulator, photographs are taken and diagnostic information is gathered together for a thorough analysis.  Once this is done, Dr. Doughty can educate our patients on their condition, future prevention and various options of treatment that are available.  It is only at this point that a patient can make an informed decision on their treatment and how they would like to proceed.

Some examples of services offered:

-Cosmetic Dentistry

-Oral Sedation (requires transportation to and from appointment)

-Nitrous oxide inhalation sedation

-TMJ, bite and oral-facial pain

-Surgical Dental Implant Placement

-Hard tissue grafting




-Partial Dentures


-Implant restorations (crowns, bridges, fixed & removable prosthetics)


-Scaling and Root Planing (Deep Cleanings)


-Oral Cancer Screening

-Root Canals


-Surgical Extractions

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